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Half Life 2 Movie – The Strider

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The war is at its turning point. Rebels are staging an all out attack on the combine to give Gordon Freeman time to destroy the citadel…
Adam and Liam are two brave rebels who want to kick the crap out of the strider that’s been hunting them, what follows is an intense fight which they can’t afford to lose!

VFX heavy – lots of explosions, gunfire, CGI striders and general badass-ery (that’s not a word)

Special thanks to Valve for creating such a memorable brilliant game

Shot with: Canon HG20
Edited: Adobe Premiere Pro
VFX: After Effects, 3ds Max, MassFX (new beta-physx version)

User Reviews:
“You´╗┐ guys ROCK! But you already know that.” – necroturky